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aurinko in adagio

Isolated from society in a deserted delta community with his austere father, a child musical prodigy prepares for the audition of a lifetime while navigating a newfound skill in ancestral dreaming.

American Black Film Festival - 2022 (HBO Short Film Award Finalist)

53rd NAACP Image Awards - 2022 (Nominee)

Hollyshorts Film Festival - 2022

Tribeca Film Festival - 2021

Urbanworld Film Festival - 2021

Chicago International Children's Film Festival - 2022


Distributed by Amazon Studios

Distributed by American Airlines

Distributed by Samansa

Distributed by Aspire TV

Executive Produced by HillmanGrad Productions, 271 Films, and Ventureland

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In the modern future, a couple attempts to reconcile their relationship through reflective reconstruction and hypothetical treatment.

Atlanta Underground Film Festival - 2021 (Best Short Winner)

AMSC "Bring Your Brillance" Short Film Festival - 2021 (Best Overall Short Film Winner)

Denton Black Film Festival - 2022 (Best Short Nominee)

Urban Film Festival - 2021 (Best Short Nominee)

Baltimore International Film Festival - 2021

African American Film Marketplace and S.E. Manly Short Film Showcase - 2021

Distributed by Aspire TV