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Á La MODE Films is an Independent Screenwriting label cultivated by Black writers for Film and Television. While we are a screenwriting group, our in-house screenplays are produced through partnered production companies.


Aurinko in Adagio

Isolated from society in a deserted delta community with his austere father, a child musical prodigy prepares for the audition of a lifetime while navigating a newfound skill in ancestral dreaming.

American Black Film Festival - 2022 (HBO Short Film Award Finalist)

53rd NAACP Image Awards - 2022 (Nominee)

Hollyshorts Film Festival - 2022

Tribeca Film Festival - 2021

Urbanworld Film Festival - 2021

Executive Produced by HillmanGrad Productions, 271 Films, and Ventureland


Before We Had Insomnia

A intimate dive into the formation of anxiety, curation of depression, and the significance of self-care through four bold storytellers.

Partnered with Untraditional Films & Nutrageous Productions

Screening on *Film Shortage*



In the modern future, a couple attempts to reconcile their relationship through reflective reconstruction and hypothetical treatment.

Atlanta Underground Film Festival - 2021 (Best Short Winner)

AMSC "Bring Your Brillance" Short Film Festival - 2021 (Best Overall Short Film Winner)

Denton Black Film Festival - 2022 (Best Short Nominee)

Urban Film Festival - 2021 (Best Short Nominee)

Baltimore International Film Festival - 2021

African American Film Marketplace and S.E. Manly Short Film Showcase - 2021


See You Soon

In the year 2030, where humans can see their loved ones every ten years, a young man reunites with his father the morning of graduation.

Partnered with Pineapple Cut Pictures


Anywhere Else But Here

When two childhood best friends reunite for the summer, a secret is revealed that opens a whirlpool of decisions, even those that are no longer an option.

Partnered with Pineapple Cut Pictures


Shoulders Back, Chin Up

After years of rejection, a contemporary dancer comes out of retirement to audition for the world's best dance company in New York City.

Partnered with Pineapple Cut Pictures


Promise You'll Be Quiet

In 1990, on Halloween, two brothers play a supernatural game that leads to a sinister night they may not be able to escape.

Atlanta Horror Film Festival - 2020

Partnered with Pineapple Cut Pictures



An exploration on the public perception and societal effect of natural hair and beards in Black women and men.

Partnered with Nutrageous Productions