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Services: Reviews

CONSULTATION with Michael Chris

"Elisee is very knowledgeable about screenwriting and story structure. I'd say that I am a pretty experienced writer, but I am not afraid to admit that I learned a thing or two experiencing a consultation with Á La Mode Films. The experience helped me question my motivation for certain themes, actions, and dialogue within my script and I can confidently say that my story is now stronger. Do yourself a favor and get a Á La MODE script consultation! Your story will evolve!"

CONSULTATION with Corey Lightner

"It was an honor to work with a talent such as Elisee. He helped me expand on my ideas and bridge together my thoughts to build a great story. Patient, polite and principled are all words I'd use to describe the Elisee's manner during the session. With his help I managed to simplify and specify the dynamic of my vision. I know that going forward, he'll be a great help to anyone who needs his services in the future."

CONSULTATION with Sadia Alao

"The consultation with Elisee was great. I had finished act 1 of my screenplay and was feeling very lost, partly because my act 1 still needed work. Elisee provided me with over 2 pages of organized notes as well as comments on my script. He guided me on how to create stronger dialogue and taught me how to crack my characters to get the root of them out on my script. Excited to see how my plot will grow with all this new information!"

CONSULTATION with Gaelle Bastien

I truly appreciated my consultation with Elise. It's rare to find a reader who takes their time to thoroughly understand the vision behind your story. Elise spent most of our meeting identifying my style as a writer and the overall goal of my pilot. While I consider story structure as one of my strengths, he helped me discover the elements of my pilot that required more development.  He is a gifted storyteller, and it was an honor to chat with such a talent.

CONSULTATION with Fabian Soto

"The session was beneficial in so many ways. It expanded my story into ways that I have missed. I enjoyed how thorough the breakdown was from page one to the final page. I will most definitely do another session once I add the changes we've discussed. I recommend a session to everyone!"