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Best Films on Netflix Right Now (2019)

With the quality of Netflix increasing. It is imperative that we take heed of the greatness that releases every so often. That is my friends, Netflix Originals. Over the past couple of years, Netflix has signed deals with major multi – billion dollar companies such as Disney and Paramount Pictures. Since then, we have been glued to the screen by hundreds of films and TV Shows that we may have missed in theaters or on television. To keep us wanting more, Netflix has released a plethora of original films for members to enjoy. Now, we receive new releases almost every week.

Yup. An enormous amount of films.

So how do we choose the best ones to watch?

There is two options: You can watch them all (goodluck), or you can adhere to the list below for the best films on Netflix right now.

I knew you ‘d make the right decision.


The Fundamentals of Caring

The perfect mix of a dark comedy and a poignant story. Great performances all around that maximizes a story that is sure to make you think.

Triple Frontier

An A -list cast can sometimes make or break a movie. Here, we are given outstanding performances that solemnly overcome an even narrative. Gritty heist films are becoming crowded, but we still have some space for Triple Frontier.

The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind

A powerhouse at Sundance, and slowly increasing to one of my favorites of all time. Chiwetel Ejiofor certainly adapted one beast of a film for his first directorial debut. Matter of fact, it deserves another watch. Third time is a charm right?


Movies do not have to be perfect. Neither do they have to be taken serious all the time. This is a perfect example. An action thriller starring the world's most dangerous assassin. Pure entertainment.

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

An anthology consisting of six short films that take place in the 19- Century. If you're looking for an abundance unique stories, all in one place; you will enjoy this signature blend of dark drama and humor.

Shimmer Lake

Following a small-town sheriff tracking three bank robbery suspects, this film will have you on the edge of your seat. A true mystery with multiple twists and turns that are far from expected. Need a thriller for the night? Check this out.

The Burial of Kojo

A brave daughter seeks to find her father who has been trapped in an illegal mine shaft. This film is magical and beautiful to view. The performances are stellar and the story is intriguing. Take a look.

High Flying Bird

Using innovative film making technology, this film takes a thoughtful look at the professional sports industry and it's limits. A slick story with a slick look to match.


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