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Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald Review

As the wizarding world rapidly divides, relationships are at stake as Newt Scamander is called to order by Albus Dumbledore to prevent Grindelwald's sadistic plan to rule over all magical and non-magical beings.

Let's just get one thing out the way: if you're a true fan of the Harry Potter franchise, you will find multiple problems with this film. If not, you might just enjoy this. The film is action packed and full of twists and turns that will certainly leave you wanting more, or completely confused. Unfortunately, I was left confused.

Frankly, I am a Potter fan (wand collection on the come up), and this film was one of the most anticipated blockbusters of the year for me. However, the film displayed numerous plot holes, bland dialogue, and a hundred unanswered questions. In all honesty, the fact that this script made the final cut is mind-boggling. I constantly asked myself “WHERE'S THE MAGIC” during the premiere because from time to time, it did not feel like a regular Harry Potter film. This magic derives from J.K Rowling's innovative approach on wizards and how well imagination can come to life. Here, we are given a sequel to the prequel with characters that we're still getting use to, and now we are introduced to more new characters that we just don't care about.

Starting with Nagini, the human form of the dark lord's pet snake. Her character, purpose, and performance was absolutely unnecessary to the film. The transformation was cool, but she doesn't really do much; especially for a character that is added for film only (she's not in the books). By the same token, Jacob Kowalski (the muggle), jokes fell flat this time around; which is extremely disappointing being that his humor carried the first film. Credence character (Ezra Miller), also did not have much development this time around for as he spent most of the time running around with Nagini. In contrast, some performances did standout. Johnny Depp as Grindelwald is phenomenal. His performance is menacing, charismatic, and downright badass (two words:opening sequence). Also, Zoe Kravitz as Leta Lestrange gave a genuinely captivating performance, even though her character got on my nerves. Eddie Redmayne was, is, and will always be the perfect casting for Newt Scamander. He fully supports his character by adding more characteristics that we have not seen before. However, the true standout in this film is Jude Law as young adult Albus Dumbledore. He is responsible for most of the magic in this film by reminding us why we fell in love with this franchise in the first place.

This film is far from terrible, but it is also far from great. They're scenes in particular that will blow audience members away, but sadly it does not account for it's overall dull effect.

Known as a franchise that can do no wrong, it seems like they have some work to do.

Nonetheless, I am still anticipating the third film.

3.0 out of 5



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