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How to Train You Dragon: The Hidden World Review

When the town becomes too crowded with dragons, Hiccup must seek “The Hidden World”, a secret Utopia designed to keep dragons safe from the sinister Grimmel. A tyrant with a license to kill on all things dragon, especially Night Fury’s.

From its first release, How To Train Your Dragon has earned the spot of becoming one of the most riveting animations of all time. Not one film has made a bad turn, and with great pleasure, I am pleased to announce that the final installment is absolutely spectacular. Matter of fact, it is the best film out of them all.

Director Dean DeBlois yet again, created a masterpiece that people of all ages can enjoy. There is enough humor to go around for everyone. From the twin’s crude remarks to Toothless goof moments, we are gifted with gut busting laughter and pure entertainment. The film does not take breathes, luring the audience into the wildly popular dragon world for one last time.

Now, do not get me wrong. This is also the darkest film of the trilogy; all thanks to the villain. Thankfully, we have a villain that is BADASS. He is electrifying and in many ways, unstoppable. Vividly, some scenes are pretty gruesome and graphic for an animation film. I found myself cringing for the children in the theater during battle scenes because I am one hundred percent sure they were afraid. This film does not hold back, nor did it need too because every second is just about perfect.

The action in this film is top notch. The duel between dragons and Vikings is as exhilarating as any Marvel film today. The dragons are now more advanced and strong. We also get to meet some new dragons that are filled with personalities that humans can relate to. Dublois always seem to amaze me in these films by giving dragons human traits. A choice that surprisingly works well in bringing the audience back to reality and as always, keeping our hearts warm. As for the animation itself, let us just say Pixar may want to re-render Toy Story 4 if they wish to secure another Oscar. The shots are extraordinary. All components were crystal clear to where the wind blowing on their jackets are visible. I am convinced that the animators were hiding this one under their sleeves because this is next level work. You will know exactly what I mean when the gorgeous Light Fury comes on screen. Her chemistry with Night Fury is something out of a classic 70's romance film, and it surely is a sight to see.

Like it’s predecessors, this film is an emotional roller coaster.

The perfect end to a perfect trilogy.

Well done.


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