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John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum

Stripped from the organization’s protective services, legendary hitman John Wick must fight his way through New York as he becomes the target of the world’s most dangerous killers.

Let’s be honest. We only come to see John Wick for one thing, the action. A good story is necessary, but base off its predecessors, that was never the case. However, this may be the best film in the entire franchise. Once again, Mr. Wick is on the move for as he killed some very important people in the city. Now even more people are after him for what he’s done, and in no way is he backing down.

John Wick is one of the best action films of this generation to date. We learned this in 2014, and now the third installment has made its mark; and it is a tough one. With stylistic hand to hand combat and modern cinematography, the experience is riveting. The moves are incomparable, the colors are psychedelic, and the pacing is nostalgic. Even though the runtime is twenty minutes too long, the film is still mesmerizing. With a film like this, it is acceptable to bypass the elementary storyline (you’ll quickly forget about it) and replace it for two hours of badass action. John Wick means war and his killings are much more graphic in this installment than the rest.

I must speak of the visuals because this is an aspect of the franchise that is also bypassed but shouldn’t. The display is astounding. No shaky cam, no blurred-out deaths; we see every part of the action as if we were there. Upholding the signature blue, purple, and orange palette, the atmosphere is ultimately set as we board for a ride of grade A entertainment.

Halle Berry is such a joy to watch in this installment, especially with her phalanx of dogs. Believe it or not, she trained the dogs herself by spending six months with them for two to three hours a day. These dogs actually obey Halle and move on her command. There is a main scene in this film with long unbroken shots of pure action and the dogs enter the ongoing fight…in real time. Every part of this scene is real dog action and it is mind-blowing. The strength and speed of these pups are incredible and to be able to match that energy with Keanu Reeves is a feeling that money can’t buy. Now, Keanu Reeves is no different in this film either by minimizing his words and substituting it for his hands. Conducting 90% of the stunts himself, it is no question that age is not a factor on his end. His moves are swift, precise, and cutthroat; the merciless we were all waiting for. Another standout is Common for adding a true sense of contrast and reality to the film while keeping the story balanced out.

This film is not perfect. It does have a few slow components as well as a black and white story-line, but with its purpose it does deliver. It does not try to be another form of Mission Impossible, and that is something from director Chad Stahelski that is commendable. All we ask is to stay true to the franchise and we were given just that.

Popcorn is a necessity for a popcorn flick.

So grab that large bucket.

And don’t forget the butter.


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