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Little Review

A woman is transformed into her younger self at a point in life when the pressure of adulthood becomes too much to bear.

Another body swap comedy. Glorious. However, it is not to be taken seriously in the first place. Will Packer's newest production, directed by Tina Gordon (Drumline), is a fun urban film filled with hysterical scenes and sweet moments. It does have it's flaws, but as the film continued, I learned to just enjoy it's merits for what it is.

We have seen numerous character swap fantasies, however this might be the funniest one yet. Similar to 2003's Freaky Friday, we have a young child and an adult who undergoes the battle of living through someone else's body. However, in this case it includes a young woman being in junior high once more.

The first half of the film is dominated by Regina Hall outrageous antics and peculiar leadership. The second half introduces Marsai Martin, the younger version of herself as she battles the shocking news that she has unwillingly transformed back several decades. The third half attempts to climax, but falls flat due to weak character development and style. Nonetheless, the film still manages to keep the humor alive as much as it can while still teaching life lessons for all ages.

Marsai Martin is fantastic in this film. She is a true standout and a strong force in the child actor category. She carries this film with true wit and maturity that smoothly translates back to Regina Hall's character. Issa Rae is average in this film. I expected a bit more energy from her, but she still delivers with the script in mind.

All in all, Little is a nice time at the movies for the whole family to enjoy.


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