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Long Shot Review

When an unorthodox journalist reunites with his childhood crush, she happens to be one of the most influential women in the world. Now preparing to run for Presidency, she hires him as her speechwriter in hope of inspiration but instead, sparks begin to fly.

Now this is why we go to the movies. Outstanding actors, beautiful story, hilarious premise; all to equal a feel-good film that keeps you wanting more. Directed by Jonathan Levine (Warm Bodies, 50/50), Long Shot has a great chance of being one of the best comedies of the year. It is no surprise that this story is entirely fiction considering the status of the two main characters, but it works very well indeed.

I found this film extremely entertaining throughout. It uses a highly unrealistic situation to its advantage and does not let go under any circumstances. In this day and age, rom coms are usually overdone. Most jokes fall flat, and the story is utterly predictable, but that is not the case here. The comedy is hysterical without being too corny nor using an excessive number of punchlines. From silly antics, to gut-busting sequences, to an overall emotional love story; Long Shot does its best with material that is outrageously replicated.

You know you are watching a great film when the audience can’t stop smiling. This film knows when to be serious and when to give a laugh or two; instilling nothing less than a wide range of emotion for the viewer. What I loved the most was the film never stepped outside of its story. Meaning that once the relationship was established between the two characters, that was it. We accepted the situation as an audience and ran with it. Ultimately, that keeps us interested much more than random twists and turns that can come off rather forced and far-fetched.

Charlie Theron is absolutely stunning in this film. She proves that she is not a one-way actor and can have crisp comedic timing. From Monster to Atomic Blonde, she dominates the role of a politician who isn’t perfect and deserves to be human just like anyone else. She’s a scene-stealer, emotional wreck, and overall joy that I just could not take my eyes off of. Being one of my favorite comedic actors, Seth Rogen did not let me down. Yes, he has a style that is repetitive and somewhat expected, but generally it works every time, especially here. He adds heart, soul, and a sense of reality to the story that any mature viewer can sympathize with. Another standout includes Straight Outta Compton’s O’Shea Jackson Jr, who gives a wildly hilarious performance that is sure to get your theater roaring. Also, he is not the only familiar face in this film. I am convinced they casted just about everyone in Seth Rogen’s last couple of movies, and to be frank, I’m not mad at it.

Need a film for date night?

Or just a good laugh after a long day at work?

Give this a shot.


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