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Sorry To Bother You Film Analysis


We might have something here.

A satirical film that starts off crazy and ends up being INSANE. Literally, I was lost for the first half hour until I finally grasped the concept. It’s a tricky one that is visually in your face but also subtle. Let me break it down for you.


Ok, these horses? Or should I say equisapiens. You saw them, I saw them, we all saw them and we are still traumatized by them. The half man, half horse figure is the biggest symbol in the film that takes a sharp left and doesn’t look back. Cassius (Lakeith Stanfield – outstanding), stumbles upon these creatures when he attempts to use the restroom during the CEO’s (Armie Hammer – also, outstanding) affair. Mistakenly using the wrong door, he becomes face to face with the company’s top secret to manipulate the work force; a second class. Background middle class citizens with little to no education and average jobs, who will most likely never be apart of that top percent. These mutilated individuals are known to be the weakest link. However, they’re not fully worthless. The goal is a hegemonic system where the ones who are less fortunate are less valuable than the upper echelon. A separation based on wealth, image, and knowledge to improve the overall standard of living. Sounds familiar? I’m sure it does. Do you remember in the early 1930’s when men and women were sanctioned to state programs to participate in projects for eugenics? Relying on IQ tests to keep the welfare pool small and stop poverty? Yup, this is the case. Exaggerated at its best to prove that this is still prominent in society today. Keeping the less advantaged poor and protecting the rich.

Sounds about white.

Shout out to everyone that worked at a call center before.

I have.

Thank you, Director Boots Riley.

*I advise two screenings of this film *


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