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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Review

Updated: Dec 28, 2018

Bitten by a radioactive spider, Miles Morales has developed strange powers that transform him into the legendary spider-man. Now under the wing of Peter Parker, he must use his newfound skills to battle the evil kingpin, a maniac who can open portals to different universes.

I think we just reached a new level of superhero animation. This film confirms that as technology continues to rise, filmmakers will always be well ahead of their time. Normally, I would not expect a film like this to be released for at least another four years. It’s adventurous, it’s risky, it’s heartfelt, it’s HILARIOUS, and most importantly, it’s probably the best spider-man ever made.

As an average comic book fan, my knowledge on Miles Morales is faint. Neither did I pay attention to the trailers or advertisement because Spider-man is my least favorite superhero (Captain America all day). So one can imagine the reaction when I noticed there is a different Spider-man in each universe and they are all BADASS. Even the little pixie chick was holding her own during the fights, I was astounded. Directors Bob Persichetti, Peter Ramsey, and Rodney Rothman managed to create a new kind of animation by combing Sony Pictures computer animation with traditional hand-drawn comic book techniques inspired by Miles Morales co-creator, Sara Pichelli. The film feels as if you are reading a comic book with in-your-face onomatopoeia’s, three screen splits, and multi-dimensional stories. It is visually stunning.

Not only is this film superb in animation, it also has a spectacular story. Full of twists and turns (one in particular was rather…wild), each part of the story completes the next. From Miles coming of age to learning to use his powers, the film takes it’s time telling the story piece by piece; letting the viewer sink in a familiar premise, while still making it fresh. Comparatively, the characters are exceptionally interesting. I was invested in Miles journey in becoming a superhero as much as I was invested in his family. Peter Parker plays a huge role in this film as well by displaying Spider-man in a manner we may have never seen before. And Spider-Woman finally gets the screen time she deserves, and she certainly does not disappoint.

Now the action. There are scenes in this film that will destroy any DC movie, and give Marvel a run for its money. Similar to Incredibles 2, the creators were able to present animated action that can be just as real and enjoyable as other blockbusters. For great contrast, the villains were just as good as the heroes, leading to a highly anticipated fight for survival that had every child in my showing on their feet. The frames were just right, giving the viewer a clear sight of all the glory (i'll take this over shaky cam any day). Additionally, the soundtrack fills the theater with street hip-hop and rap, instantly transforming the viewer into the city of Brooklyn with tracks from Lil Wayne and Juice WRLD.

This film has set the bar for new Spider-man's to come and I’m sure a sequel is already in the works and quite frankly, I am not mad at it.

If I watched this at twelve years old, Spider-man would be my favorite superhero.


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