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TENET Review

A secret agent embarks on a dangerous, time-bending mission to prevent the start of World War III.

Honestly, I completely understand why Christopher Nolan refused to send this film to streaming services. No screen other than the big screen could do this film justice. It is a masterpiece.

From beginning to end, this film is a non-stop mind-bending popcorn flick that knows it's worth and never apologizes. It's confident, ambitious, and extremely precise. The concept is multi-layered and only continues to add rather than explain. So yes, you must pay attention to every detail. But is it difficult? Not even close.

This film is visually stunning. Nolan insists on raising the bar in cinematography. Explosions, plane crashes, exotic car chases; it is almost impossible to keep your eyes off the screen. Most early reviews argued that the trailer showed too much, but in truth, the first half is trailer heavy, and the second half is everything we've never seen before. Smart move.

The action in this film may give the James Bond and John Wick franchises a run for their money. If you enjoyed Joseph Gordon-Levitt fighting upside down, you will love John David Washington fighting in reverse. Nolan has created a new style of action by mixing gritty combat sequences and smooth espionage that will amaze film enthusiasts. This film has more action than any other Nolan movie. The intensity never lets up.

However, due to it's intense atmosphere, the film is obnoxiously loud. It may be difficult to hear characters dialogue sometimes. It seems as if this is intentional, but I found it unnecessary and uncomfortable. Also, the film takes pride in it's complex structure. More than half of the movie, you will not understand the plot. At the same time, it is a Christopher Nolan film right?

One of the best aspects of this film are the performances. Christopher Nolan knows how to get the best out of his actors, and here they are in rare form. John David Washington gives it his all as the lead. Physically and emotionally. It is without a doubt his best performance to date. Robert Pattinson is also a force in this film. There dynamic onscreen is commendable and in most cases, downright badass. No one slacks in this film. The cast is phenomenal.

If you see this film in theaters, treat yourself to IMAX or Dolby Cinema. The experience is beyond worth it.

If you are going to wait, try to stay clear of spoilers. There are several...


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