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The 5 Best WTF Moments in Film of 2018

Every year, cinema gives us millions of moments that come and go as they please. However, some films insist on displaying content that just can't keep our mouths shut. These moments usually leave us in a deep daze wondering "what the hell was that?". 2018 provided more than enough of those moments and I was able to narrow it down to the best top 5.

~These descriptions contain spoilers ~

Annihilation: Bear Scene

Even though Annihilation is categorized as a thriller/fantasy, there are some extremely unsettling scenes that I guarantee will keep you up at night. One scene in particular is the bloody bear attack. Slightly revised from the book version, the film presents a massive mutilated bear whose face appears half skeleton-like, and the vocal mannerisms screams the voice of its victims. After long halt of suspense, it attacks, and it attacks for what seems like a lifetime. The special effects are just too real, and with the multiple twists already seen in the film by this time (wait for the doppelganger), this scene is quite unbearable.

Blockers: Butt Chugging

Listen, after this scene I had to leave the movie. It wasn’t that funny anyway so I’m sure I didn’t miss too much, but once this came up I had enough. Following a bunch of parents on a mission to stop their daughters from losing their virginity on prom night, we undergo a series of events that are disturbing. Consequently, they wind up in a situation where to gain entry into a party; they must participate in a chugging competition with some high school kids, but this is not your standard college party style chugging. Long story short, John Cena shoves a funnel up his butt full of beer.

Hereditary: The Beheading

This movie was already psychologically throwing me off, then they decide to hit us with a big gory twist that completely changes everything. After suffering an allergic reaction, Peter rushes his sister Charlie to the hospital. Panicking, Peter begins to drive recklessly. As Charlie’s throat swells up, she sticks her head out the window for more air. Not noticing, Peter swerves to avoid an animal in the road, decapitating Charlie by a pole on the side of the road. This is literally one of those moments when you ask yourself “did they really just do that?”.

Sorry to Bother You: The Equisapiens

In a movie full of WTF’s moments, one can imagine how the biggest twist of the movie was revealed. When Cassius Green discovers that the company that took him under his wing turns “useless” people into something he’ll never imagine, the whole film takes a SHARP left. These half-human, half-horse mutants come slithering out the doors faster than you can blink and it’s highly cringe-worthy. They’re the depiction of hyper-efficient labor, and it’s just far too. I don’t think anyone in the world saw this coming.

Avengers: Infinity War: The Snap

Probably the most talked about moment in film of 2018 is when the legendary Thanos destroyed the hearts of all superhero fans with the snap of a finger. Similar to the 1991’s comics (Infinity Gauntlet #1), Thanos wiped out half of the universe, and it’s truly a moment that even if you saw it coming, you weren’t prepared for it to happen.


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