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The Intruder Review

A couple finally buys their dream home from a widower, but soon finds out that the house isn’t fully theirs after all.

If we’re being honest, I came for Megan Good. America’s sweetheart is back to acting and I had to see if she still got it. Thankfully, she does, but she is the only good part about this stalker mystery.

Directed by Deon Taylor, The Intruder is a film that we all have seen before. The typical stalker format that leads to nothing, but an anti-climactic ending filled with clichés and boredom. This film is extremely predictable. Family moves into a new place and are later terrorized by its past owners. I can name five films on the top of my head with the same premise. Unfortunately, those films still did it better.

I just did not care enough for the characters safety, and that is key in a horror-like film. We are introduced to the couple’s relationship in the worst way possible and it goes downhill from there. Then we are given an old man who is obsessed with his house and we have no idea why! Do we get a backstory? Eventually, but it still does not explain why he will not let this house go. Another issue, the house is massive. Beyond extensive for a party of two, but she insists that this is the right one, even with the plethora of red flags that occur early on in the film. Fast forward to the second half of the film, the “intruder” continues to enter the house everyday and they’re still welcoming him in…. like this is normal.

What I wanted more in this film is a sense of reality. In the real world, we don’t just let previous house owners enter our new homes whenever they please, even if they are kind people; especially in 2019. Neither do we move in without viewing the entire house first (they literally walked in and out). Yes, certain aspects of oblivion do need to occur so the remainder of the story can elevate, however that does not mean that the characters need to be this unintelligent.

Michael Ealy was a huge disappointment in this film. His performance is bland, and it does not make up for his hiatus either. The “intruder” himself, played by Dennis Quaid (The Parent Trap) delivers an acceptable performance, but nothing more. By the same token, the remaining cast is truly unforgettable.

The film does have some beautiful shots, but it does not account for the ill-fitting storyline.

Remember 2009’s Obsessed?

I think I found it's sister.


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