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Us Review

A family's serenity turns to chaos when a group of doppelgangers begins to terrorize them.

Just when we thought the mind of Jordan Peele couldn’t get any more twisted.

Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to the new age of horror. The genre may never be the same. Jordan Peele’s second directorial motion picture “Us” is a symbolic masterpiece. This sinister film packs a mean punch filled with ominous thrills and psychological terror. Jordan Peele surely works hard to make sure you are uncomfortable at all times, and the red suits does not make it easier.

This film is far from the notion of Get Out, but I will say that they may be in the same worlds (not a spoiler). There are huge symbols throughout the film that I am positive audience members will ONLY comprehend on the second viewing. It is a highly complex film, but every single aspect placed is necessary. You will understand enough to make it out the theater satisfied, but you will run to the next showing to grasp what you missed.

Now the horror. Jordan gives us 1980’s flare and all it’s glory. Even in the scenes of today, the film has an old time look and feel that ultimately sits on a pedestal of its own. The shots are visually astonishing. Every single scene has a meaning, from broad coloring to a peculiar pin. There is no room for the extra, and it is extremely noticeable. He purposely up the stakes to ensure that the message is conveyed in multiple ways, rather than one. The film is not as gory as I would like, but the fight scenes make up for it. With the reputation of horror films consistently sloping downhill, this film is a breath of fresh air. A literal step into the mind of Jordan Peele and his intimate nightmares. Yes, there are jump scares. Yes, you will be emotional and scared at the same time. However, you will enjoy every second of terror you encounter.

Happily, there are no weak performances in this film. Lupita N’yongo is a true standout. She portrays a distressed mother naturally and with poise as well as a demonic doppelganger with a voice you’ll never want to hear in your sleep. There is already Oscar buzz going around her performance for next year’s award season and truth be told, I am all for it. Winston Duke also provides the well-needed comedic relief as well as a strong performance that should take his career to new heights. Wholeheartedly, the children in this film is outstanding. Child actors are usually a hit or miss, but this is not the case here. Not even close. Both Shahadi Wright Joseph and Evan Alex give a riveting performance that is far ahead of their careers. One that many filmmakers will be fighting over.

If you are afraid of horror films, let this one be an exception. You’ll learn a plethora of life lessons and maybe a little something about yourself. This one is for the people. Jordan Peele is trying to tell the world something and after this one, he will have our undivided attention. I promise.

Grab a friend, and enjoy the experience.


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