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black men unite: a day in manhood


This event was sponsored by the Black Men's Research Institute with generous funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and partnered with Morehouse Human Rights Film Festival


Held in the African American Hall of Fame at the Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel at Morehouse College


This one-day summit was specifically curated to educate and expose young Black men (high school juniors and seniors) to the art of storytelling. The event featured art installations, real-talk breakout sessions, film screenings helmed by accomplished Black male filmmakers, and a community dinner. All participants had the opportunity to meet the filmmakers, gain prospective mentors, and develop new friendships. Our mission was to depict the complex yet beautiful Black male experience in a stimulating, natural, and impactful way for the next generation of men. Over forty young Black men attended the event and were guided by fourteen pristine facilitators. This event is intended for annual curation.   

Films screened at the event:
Shoebox by David Fortune
Half Day by Morgan Matthews
The Black Disquisition by Quincy Ledbetter
Aurinko in Adagio by Elisee Junior St Preux
YOUNG KINGS by Jonathan Banks
GRAB MY HAND: A Letter To My Dad by Camrus Johnson


Rated Black
1st edition - the great debaters in 35mm

RATED BLACK by Á La MODE Films is an event series that celebrates and preserves the rich legacy of Black cinema and brings  together different generations. On February 21, 2024 for Black History Month, we presented Denzel Washington's classic The Great Debaters, in its original film format 35mm, with actor Denzel Whitaker in attendance for discussion and Q&A. Screening at the historic and retro-centered Plaza Theatre, this event was sponsored by Morehouse College Human Rights Film Festival and partnered with Wax & Wane, On Set ATL, and the Plaza Theatre. 

This event was sponsored by the Morehouse College Human Rights Film Festival and partnered with Wax & Wane, On Set ATL, and Plaza Theatre



The Great Debaters Watch Party-002.jpg
The Great Debaters Watch Party-090.jpg
The Great Debaters Watch Party-080.jpg
The Great Debaters Watch Party-048.jpg
The Great Debaters Watch Party-096.jpg
The Great Debaters Watch Party-091.jpg
The Great Debaters Watch Party-065.jpg
The Great Debaters Watch Party-069.jpg
The Great Debaters Watch Party-043.jpg
The Great Debaters Watch Party-035.jpg
The Great Debaters Watch Party-058.jpg
The Great Debaters Watch Party-093.jpg
The Great Debaters Watch Party-006.jpg
The Great Debaters Watch Party-007.jpg
The Great Debaters Watch Party-067.jpg
The Great Debaters Watch Party-011.jpg
The Great Debaters Watch Party-075.jpg
The Great Debaters Watch Party-019.jpg

more community events coming soon!

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